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Specially formulated for use in preparation for scalp micropigmentation procedures, and to promote faster healing and better retention after the treatment is complete.

1 x MicroBalm 5.5 Scalp
1 x MicroPH 5.5 SMP Creamy Cleanser



MicroBalm 5.5 SMP is an outstanding formulation to address all scalp skin irregularities, including dryness, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites (including nits and lice), itchy scalp and more. It is particularly effective for all hair growth therapies, including light therapy and microneedling modalities. We recommend applying with clean fingers to the problem area or spot treat 1-2x daily for 7-10 days. Wash hair and scalp as usual between uses.

MicroBalm 5.5 is used for every stage of the Scalp SMP tattoo process. MicroBalm 5.5 SMP provides optimal hydration, thereby creating a soft workable canvas for the artist to deliver ideal results. In addition to optimizing results for tattoo and micropigmentation treatments, MicroBalm 5.5 SMP has been found to have improved or corrected a wide variety of scalp skin irregularities based on trial case reports worldwide.

Primarily, MicroBalm 5.5 will sooth and relieve discomfort following all SMP sessions. MicroBalm 5.5 is a healing post-care salve that serves as an important tool for optimizing the outcome of SMP treatments as it is formulated to specifically target and support the unique scalp skin. The consistency leaves a powder like, non-greasy finish with no shine.

A 100% natural formulation comprised of select herbs, oils and targeted ingredients, MicroBalm 5.5 SMP has curative properties to support the delicate healing process following SMP while maintaining the skin’s existing nutrients. These elements foster exceptional dermal tissue care and repair while providing a clean and stabilizing breathable barrier. MicroBalm 5.5 SMP is food for the skin. Its colour and sweet scent, indicative of the freshness of the ingredients are owed to the wound healing properties of arrow root and kombo butter.

Kombo Butter has been scientifically shown to be tremendously effective for pain relieving and anti-inflammatory management of arthritis and generalized pain, with particular efficacy for skin. Individuals who are allergic or who have skin sensitivities tend to tolerate Kombo butter very well. With rich anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties, Kombo butter improves lipid metabolism and stimulates the production of collagen.

As a post-care healing ointment, MicroBalm 5.5 has been infused with select, fresh, natural and organic ingredients that are known to suppress inflammation and the pain response which aids in calming irritation and soothing the skin. In addition to having high antibacterial properties, MicroBalm 5.5 SMP moisturizes but controls the natural oils on the scalp as it heals while providing hydration and antioxidants thus ensuring that all recovery needs are met with a single product.

We have uniquely crafted the salve to not only be highly effective at healing tissue and reducing the risk of infection, but to also have a pleasing fragrance and consistency for clients concerned about the greasy appearance of a heavy balm on their scalp. MicroBalm 5.5, is an integral component of a holistic approach to the healing process thanks to the extraordinary gifts of Mother Nature’s garden supported by deep scientific research.

Product Type SMP pre-care & aftercare
Size Balm + cleanser or balm only

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Directions For Use


If client has significant skin irritation, irregularities or dryness, provide client with MicroBalm 5.5 Scalp to use 1 week prior and apply daily 1-2x for healthier and softer and scalp skin.


Apply a thin layer to scalp area for 5-10 minutes, and remove with MicroTonic or alcohol. This preparation leads to soft and nourished skin efficient implantation of pigment.


Cleanse area with MicroTonic or MicroPH 5.5 Scalp Cleanser 24 hrs post procedure, then apply a thin coat of Microbalm 5.5 SMP to area. For subsequent 72 hour period, cleanse as directed and apply balm 2x daily. Never apply balm without cleansing first. After 72 hours, cleanse 1-2 x daily and follow with light coat of MicroBalm 5.5 SMP for the remainder of the healing period, following technician instructions.

Do not apply any ointments 6-24 hrs post procedure. The first 6 to 24 hour window is necessary foster natural wound healing without the interference of any foreign molecules. All that is required is gentle cleansing during this time.

MicroBalm 5.5 SMP significantly aids in soothing and healing the skin by reducing itching and maintaining moisture while feeding the skin nourishment without clogging pores or leeching colour. MicroBalm 5.5 SMP, being high in amino acids regulates oily skin. MicroBalm 5.5 SMP is incredibly versatile and can be used to aid with a variety of skin irritations and irregularities. Any extra product will not go to waste.

MicroBalm 5.5 Scalp is free from lanolin, petroleum, and synthetic ingredients. It is scented only with essential oils. Essential oils have been used throughout history in herbal medicine to prevent infection and promote healing, and these oils and other ingredients have been carefully selected for their protective and supportive qualities. All ingredients are specially selected for their contribution to healing. Our product is hand-crafted in Canada to the highest standards.

As with any new product, it is good practice to ‘spot-test’ before using on a fresh tattoo. Wash hands thoroughly before each use, and do not share salves. Use a cotton swab to apply, without double-dipping. Keep lid closed tightly when not in use and away from sunlight.

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    Dawn Schwab
    February 18, 2021
    Not had the opportunity to use this yet with lock down but heard it is a great product
    January 10, 2021
    Excellent products. A small dim of wash will do its cleaning job thoroughly. Healing scalp balm is effective to show almost instant results.

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